Link Removal Guide

So you've purchased your shiny new Apple Watch Band, the band arrives and you are eager to put it on and impress your colleagues. However... it doesn't fit... it's just too big :(

Not to worry! Here is a guide to save you from the disdain of an over sized watch band and have you fully prepared to put that new stainless steel apple watch band on ASAP.  

How to Remove Links from an Apple Watch Band

Turn the watch onto its side and identify how many links you want to remove for the most appropriate fit. Don't worry if you don't get this right the first time, it is surprisingly easy to add/remove to adjust the length.

For our Stainless Steel Bands, simply use a pin to release the band link and remove as many links as required

Alternatively you may need to use a watch link remover tool pictured below:


Once complete, reinsert the pin to re-join the bracelet!

We hope that this guide is of assistance, otherwise feel free to contact us at and we will be more than happy to give you a hand!