• How can I make changes to my order?
Simply email us at support@theroyalbandco.com within 12 hours of your order. Be sure to include your order number! If it is the type of band, size or colour that you would like to adjust, please also let us know the details in email.
  • How do I know if my order was placed successfully?
If you have received an order confirmation email from us, your order was placed successfully! You can also log into your account to view your order history and search for your most recent order.
You will always receive an email from us if any problems arise with your order. So please be sure to check the Spams/Junk folder of the email you registered with us if you have not received such confirmation emails. We will need further information from you before we can process your order.
  • Why I can't receive my order confirmation email?
If your registered email address is a Hotmail account, the order confirmation email may fall into your Spams/Junk folder. If you still cannot find your order confirmation email, please email us at support@theroyalbandco.com and we will investigate further.
  • Do you offer free shipping internationally?
Yes, we offer free international standard shipping for orders over $100 (after discount).
  • How do I purchase a gift card?
Check out the Gift card section from the catalog.
  • Can I use gift card on the shipping fee?
No, gift card cannot be applied to the shipping fee.
  • Do you accept bulk purchases?
Please send us an email to support@theroyalbandco.com with more details and we will follow up


    • I’ve missed a promotion campaign for a recent order I placed. Can I still enjoy the offer?
    Please let us know by email at support@theroyalbandco.com, we would wish to know the order number of yours and also the discount code/offer that you are after. We will be more than happy to evaluate what you have and honor the offer if it is deemed applicable. We apologize, but we are unable to apply the adjustments retrospectively 5 days after date of order, or the promotion expiration date, whichever comes earlier.
    • Can I apply 2 promo codes on the same order?
    We are afraid that only one promo code can be applied per order.
    • Can I apply 2 gift card codes on the same order?
    2 Gift card codes can be applied together on one order.
    • Can I apply gift cards and promo codes together on my order?
    Gift cards and promo codes can be applied together.


    • Are your band scratch and water resistant?
    The Royal Band Co. Apple Watch Bands are not scratch or water resistant. However there is no immediate degradation of your product immediately, the purpose of our bands are to protect the valuable watch underneath. Our bands are made from the highest quality stainless steel and leatherette and will usually resist minor bumps and bruises. However there will be a visible scratches or dents if the impact is large enough.
    • How do I know which length I should choose for the Apple Watch band?
    38/40mm and 42/44mm refer to the size of the watch face. We only offer one standard length for each size.
    • Do your Apple Watch Bands fit all series of Apple Watches?
    Yes, our watch bands fit all series of Apple Watches with the correct watch face size.


    • What payment methods do you accept?
    We accept major debit cards and credit cards (American Express, Mastercard and Visa), Apple Pay and PayPal.
    • Do you accept AMEX Gift Card / Visa Gift card?
    Unfortunately we do not accept AMEX Gift Card / Visa Gift card.
    • Can I use JCB credit card to check out?
    Yes, it can be used via PayPal. Please choose PayPal as the checkout method and fill in the payment details. If the checkout page of PayPal is in English, you may change the language to Japanese as shown in here or by the following steps:
      • Click “Create an Account” at the PayPal checkout page
      • Scroll the country’s drop-down menu to choose “Japan”
      • Scroll down the page and choose the language as “日本語”
    • I received an error message when I checked out. What should I do? / What does "Invalid transaction error" or "Something wrong with your credit card, please call card center for help: Transaction Not Allowed" mean?
    If an error message occurs, this may be because:
      • The debit card cannot be used for this type of payment
      • Your bank has rejected the transaction due to suspicions of fraud
      • The card is not activated for international transactions
    Please use another card to resolve the problem. If the issue still persists, kindly contact your bank for assistance.
    • When I proceed to checkout, it says “A match of the Shipping Address City, State, and Postal Code failed.” What should I do?
    Please make sure all information entered is 100% correct and there are no spelling mistakes. Please also avoid short forms of City, and do not include the State information within the City input box. If the details are right but still the payment cannot be made, please contact us at support@theroyalbandco.com and we will get back to you shortly.


    • Where is your company from?
    The Royal Band Co. is based from Australia and China.
    • Still not getting your answers?

    Email us anytime at support@theroyalbandco.com. You can contact us on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Pinterest.