About Us

The Royal Band Co. was the brainchild of four friends that banded together to create a product that met affordability, quality, and elegance. These are the three pillars that Royal Band Co. was founded upon and continue to excel towards.The Royal Band Co. created a variety of products to fit every occasion and every wrist. With the company always striving to achieve something more unique than the last, there will always be a Royal Band fit perfectly for you and your budget. 
Once you receive your band out of the box, you will be able to see the level of care taken in creating these bands for you. The letter of authenticity guarantees the band was made with the utmost care, to fit your wrist and look at home next to the watch it attaches to, but also making sure there wouldn’t be any reason to question the sturdiness and longevity.
These bands are made to last a lifetime! 

Royal Band Co. watch bands are custom designed in house and sent to our production team for engineering samples, before being brought to you. They are meticulously looked over to match not only your wrist but also the occasion you may be wearing it to. Whether it’s in everyday use from work and back, hour-long gym sessions, or for your best friend’s wedding The Royal Band Co. bands will have you receiving compliments from all of your friends and family. Combining affordability, quality, and elegance to deliver the perfect band for you.